Zigzag Ranger District in September

In the month of September fires broke out all around Oregon, including Mt. Hood. Smoke filled the valley's. We continued construction of the Timberline to Crosstown bike trail in the smoke and dust. One day was spent sweeping hikers of the PCT near one of the fires. One day was spent participating in "Pioneer Days." Each of us had our own station. I talked to groups of kids about churning butter for the day... We tore out a boardwalk on the Salmon River Trail and installed a new one in its place. As per usual we also logged out a number of trails. I went out one day with Mckenzie to learn about bridge inspections. She is depicted here giving me a "you're taking a photo of me?" look. Finally, I snapped a few photos of our crew constructing one of more than a dozen embankments on the new Timberline to Crosstown mountain bike trail. The embankment photos are actually from the month of October, although most of the work we did there was during September.

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