NWSA Summer Summit

During Summer Summit I went caving in the largest, most complex lava tube network in North America twice, crawling through the "Rat Hole" entrance, which only allows the caver enough room to wiggle and shimmy for about 8 ft. Photos of trail crews and interns in costume are from the challenge day, which included various games, obstacle courses, and musical skits. On the weekend I joined Olivia, Lesley, Amanda, Maggie, and John in climbing Mt. Adams. Unfortunately my persistent knee issues got in the way of my completing the ascent. I hope to have one more shot at making the summit in late October.

Standing outside the larger part of the cave entrance

Kathryn being birthed from Gaia's womb

View of Mt. Hood from the South Climb of Adams

Johns lovely sweat-stain

The shadow of the mountain at sunrise

The world turned upside down

Zigzag Ranger District in July

There were not a lot of photos taken in the month of July. The photos posted here are all from Top Spur Trail, taken on two different days.