Boundary Waters May 22-31, 2010

On the day of our departure, scattered thunderstorms were forecasted for the duration of our trip. We got no rain the first day, but instead had a very pleasant, albeit a late start. We slept that night on an island, where we discovered quite a concentration of craw fish, and where we subsequently devoured said craw fish!... Only after the had developed a bright red shell and cooked a while, of course.

On the second day we managed to get camp set up only shortly before a hard rain swept through. I was on the lake fishing when it came and had the pleasure of listening to the sharp hiss of the pattering over the lake as it approached.

During the next several days were lucky enough to see a bear, a moose, several muskrat, and beaver. We also saw countless loons, one of which I taped as it explored us and our curious fish-like toy (it was captivated by our fishing lure).

We stayed at one of our campsites a whole day for a bit of a rest and a day trip. We jumped off rock sides into the water for a while, and eventually bushwhacked our way up a steep hill side to a nice cliff that overlooked the bay which sheltered our camp.

The fishing on this trip was a bit shameful at first, but we caught two walleye within several hours of each other on one of our last few days.